Killing weeds has never been so simple.


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Wick applicators are exactly what you need to kill off unwanted weeds whether it's in the field or in the garden.


Rodgers Sales Co. Inc. has been manufacturing ropewick applicators since 1977.
For all your selective applicator needs we have ready to use wick applicators or kits to build your own. We also carry replacement wicks, hand-held wick applicators, and lift frames for tractors, front-end loaders, and ATV's.

A wick applicator is a versatile, effective, economic, and easy to use tool. It is used in hay and pasture production, row crop farming, native grass restoration, and CRP and WRP land maintenance.  Correct application kills noxious vegetation growing above your crop. Kills most grasses, such as johnson grass, vaseygrass, smut grass, as well as many broadleaf weeds - using Round-UP Pro or any generic glyphosate of a 41% formulation. Also used to Kill glyphosate resistant weeds like pigweed with Gramoxone  or 24-d.

- Environmentally safe application eliminates costly down-time due to wind or spray drift.
- Simple to operate with no pumps or gauges.
- Built Farm-Hand Tough to Last!

Wick Tube

Rigid heavy wall 3" PVC Pipe, No leakage with glue on fittings.
Optimum wicking ropes with diamond braid polyester jacket over an acrylic core.
Completely repairable.
Ropes adjustable or removable for cleaning or replacing.
No leakage with fittings glue on tightly secured into drilled PVC pipe.
Controlled chemical flow rate by rotating wick tube which changes gravitational force and by tightening cap on fittings which "squeezes" the rope.
Easy filling through large 3" opening.


Applicator Sizes

We manufacture applicators to fit your personal needs.


All applicators $30.00 a foot.

Complete applicators available from a 3 foot to a 40 foot applicator. Custom lengths are available.

We manufacture Wick Applicators for ATV's and UTV's up to 10 feet. 

Rigid or folding hydraulic lift frames to attach the applicator directly to the tractor are also available in 10-40 ft. lengths. 



The "WEED KILL-A" hand-held applicator

The " Weed Kill-A" is a lightweight and easy to use hand-held applicator that safely and economically controls weeds and grasses in row crops, vegetable gardens, flower beds, lawns, orchards, and nurseries. It also helps control weeds along sidewalks, fences, and driveways. You can use on windy days with no fear of overspray. Use with Round-UP or generic glyphosate of 41% formulation.(recommended: 1 part Round-UP/ 1 part water) 8 inch exposed wick with a 46 inch handle. 

Price List


-Rope wick applicators    $30.00 per foot plus shipping

"Weed Kill-A" Hand-held applicator     $35 includes shipping

Adjustable ATV Frame   $375.00 + plus shipping. Ships UPS.  
For up to 10 ft. applicator 

Tractor mounted hydraulic lift frames - call for price. ships truck line

Front-end loader bucket mount frame.  call for price.
For up to 1o ft. applicator. Ships UPS

-Rope assembly $5.00 assembled

-Base Fittings .90 cents each

-Rubber Cone Washer .50 cents each

-Compression Nut .70 cents each

Applicators 7 feet or less in length ships UPS or USPS priority mail.

Applicators over 7 feet in length ships truck line to a business address.



KIts to build your own wick applicator include: PVC saddle-type glue-on compression base fittings, pre-cut and pre-assembled 18" wicks with compression nuts (2) and rubber compression washers (2).

KIts to build your own wick applicator include: PVC saddle-type glue-on compression base fittings, pre-cut and pre-assembled 18" wicks with compression nuts (2) and rubber compression washers (2).

What you will need to assemble your kit

What you will need to assemble your kit

Rope wick assembly and 2 bases

Rope wick assembly and 2 bases

Kit Price List

8 foot kit- $130.00

10 foot kit-$152.50

12 foot kit-$195.00

14 foot kit-$213.50

20 foot kit-$305.00

Kits ship USPS priority mail. $20 shipping on all size kits within the Continental United States. All other postage will be quoted at the time of purchase.

Replacement parts are available.


To build your own using our kits, see instructions below:

Farmer built wick applicator using our kits

Rodgers Sales Company INC.

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